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Getting started with DomainCrawler platform

DomainCrawler platform is a tool that allows users to conduct thorough research of domain names discovering data for subsequent analysis. Our platform provides in-depth insights into web data:

  • Keyword search

  • Domain Search

  • Whois History

  • Whois Lookup

  • Reverse Whois

  • Reverse IP search

  • Reverse NS (NameServer) search

  • Reverse MX (MailExchange) search

  • Google Analytics Search

  • Search for Parked Domains

  • Search for Website Technologies

  • Search for SSL certificate Information

This data can be used in a number of ways across numerous industries - brand protection agencies IP professionals, domain name registries and registrars, OSINT researchers, and IT forensics are using the data from the platform for online investigations, zone file monitoring, marketing analysis, etc.